Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Peter Kummerfeldt: A Better Way to Build a Fire

The ability to build a fire under survival conditions may save your life. The inability may cost your life!

As a Boy Scout survival skills volunteer, I have helped teach well over 10,000 people basic flint-and-steel firemaking skills. This instruction has been done during all sorts of weather extremes. I have tried and tested many different firemaking methods, with the goal of being able to recommend the right tools to make a firemaking kit that could a person’s life.
One thing I learned after all this research and training is this: The average person, even if given matches and gasoline, couldn’t start a fire under survival conditions! Firemaking, like any survival skill, must be practiced, and you have to start out with the right tools and training.
One of those training tools might be Survival expert Peter Kummerfeldt's new ebook: "A Better Way to Build a Fire."