Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Survivors Club

Most of us can’t take all the survival field classes and seminars we’d like to, and only a fool would create an emergency to see how he might react. And may God  preserve and protect  the people who rely on the “survival” or “reality” shows to learn survival skills!  I fervently hope these folks never have to use what they learned on prime time!
But the rest of us can read and study, and hopefully get an insight into how we might act under extreme stress. That knowledge is a tool we must use, and it must be included in every survival kit. 
The Survivors Club is a book that presents some of this critical information.
Author Ben Sherwood interviewed people who have survived everything from the World War II Holocaust to the Twin Towers tragedy on 9/11. He was seeking a common ground, a kind of definition, about why some people survive catastrophes, disasters, and emergency situations and why others don’t.
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